Four Different Counties, Two Different States, but One Ardmore Community!

April 13th, 2012

Located on the Alabama Tennessee state division line, Ardmore will allow you feel a sense of security which is absent in the much larger metropolitan areas. Residents of Ardmore enjoy healthy lifestyles that are accompanied by the classical Southern living. A small town that has classical values, Ardmore allows easy access to different metropolitan areas while allowing you to enjoy a high quality of life. With all its history, Ardmore has a lot of charm, excellent scenery, and the best atmosphere if you are a visitor.

  • April 22-23 – Annual Renaissance Fair, enjoy fencing, turkey drumsticks, dashing knights, games, archery and many other meaningful activities. You can even watch some hand-to-hand combat for an adrenaline rush. Vendors will be offering medieval wares and clothing. Come join Ardmore for a weekend of fun and entertainment.
  • May 3 – Annual banquet.
  • July 30 – Miss Crape Myrtle beauty pageant. Get in shape, lose weight, and enter your photo in the competition. Entry fee is thirty dollars.
  • August 28 – Annual Crape Myrtle Festival. All day entertainment with street vendors featuring excellent food, children’s activities and fun for your entire family.
  • November 12 – Parade honoring all local veterans. Music will be presented by the Ardmore high school band.
  • December 2 – Christmas parade on Main Street South.
  • 2nd Tuesday of each month – Monthly coffees where various community issues are discussed.
  • For more information about local Ardmore events contact the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce or the local tourism office.

Giles County Chamber of Commerce

Ardmore High School